How to Create Great Campaign Films For Your Nonprofit

Steve & Kat from Pull Focus Films delivered one-two knockout combo on great campaign film. Steve facilitated conversation around a variety of campaign films of various cause. Kat then followed with key tips to consider when making your campaign video.

  1. The Multiscreen World with Monique Sherrett of Boxcar Marketing

  2. The Abundant Not-for-Profit: linking engagement and technology with Lynda Gerty of Vantage Point

  3. Digital Philanthropy: What Does Charity Look Like in 2020? with John Bromley of

  4. Corporate Community Investment: How Technology is Improving Social Impact with Meriko Kubota of Telus Community Affairs

  5. The Engagement Pyramid: Keeping supporters engaged for the long haul with Reilly Yeo and Vojtech Sedlak of
  6. The Art of Explanation with Lee Lefever of Common Craft

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