How to Create Great Campaign Films For Your Nonprofit

Steve & Kat from Pull Focus Films delivered one-two knockout combo on great campaign film. Steve facilitated conversation around a variety of campaign films of various cause. Kat then followed with key tips to consider when making your campaign video.

  1. Presenter: Michael Roy

  2. For the past two years, Michael Roy served as the first National Digital Director for Canada’s NDP. Under his leadership, the Digital department raised $7.25 million from 63,000 donors, mobilized 65,000 people to attend events across the country, and recruited over 13,000 volunteers. Michael is now a Principal at Point Blank Creative in Vancouver.
  3. It's All About Culture

  4. A fundraising Test

  5. Two Tiers of A/B Testing

  6. Tier 1 is testing for immediate use. Tier two is for THE FUTURE!

  8. Event RSVP form
  9. Emoji or no Emoji?
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