SAP Charity Hackathon
Month of ServiceOctober 23 – 24, 2015
SAP is at  the center of today’s technoloy revol!tion” #he $ar%et leader in enter&rise a&&lication soft’are, SAP hel&s orani(ations fiht the da$ain effects of co$&le)ity, enerate ne’ o&&ort!nities for innovation and ro’th, and stay ahead of  the co$&etition”SAP *or&orate Social +es&onsibility is co$$itted to  the co$$!nities in ‘hich ‘e o&erate” #hro!h o!r core &illars talent, technoloy and &artnershi&s, ‘e drive innovation and b!ild an environ$ent that enhances ed!cation and entre&rene!rshi& to foster  econo$ic ro’th”
ol!nteeris$ is a core val!e at SAP, and Month of Service is o!r sinat!re e$&loyee vol!nteeris$ initiative” .ach October, tens of tho!sands of SAP e$&loyees aro!nd the ‘orld dedicate their ti$e and talent to fantastic  local not-for-&rofits” /or Month of Service 2015, SAP anco!ver is hostin SAP orth A$erica’s first charity hac%athon on
October 23 and 2
” ave a technoloy &roect yo! can’t see$ to et off the ro!nd O!r e$&loyees have e)&ertise in a&& develo&$ent, data analysis, data vis!ali(ation and $ore  and they ‘ant to hel&6e’re c!rrently see%in &roect &ro&osals fro$ anco!ver not-for-&rofits and  ‘e ‘ant to  hear fro$ yo!”
ere are so$e ideas to et yo! started
7nter&ret donor data and create vis!ali(ations to analy(e data and  tell a story  to yo!r sta%eholders in yo!r ann!al re&ort
*reate a &roof-of-conce&t of a $obile a&&  for yo!r $e$bers or  clients
+efresh yo!r ‘eb &resence
8!ild a dashboard of  yo!r orani(ation’s %ey &erfor$ance indicatorsave another idea and not s!re if it fits *ontact !s
!HAT !” N””# $RO% YOU
7nterested ere’s ‘hat ‘e need fro$ yo!
A brie& ‘ro’o(a) o& yo*r  ‘ro+ect
” #ell !s a bit abo!t yo!r orani(ation, yo!r $ission and ‘ho yo! serve” 6hat is  the core challene yo!’re loo%in to solve 6hat is  the deliverable yo!’d ‘ant to see fro$ o!r hac%ers 6e’ll eval!ate &ro&osals the ‘ee% of October 5 and select o!r  &artici&atin orani(ations”
A &o))o, *’ con-er(ation to (co’e yo*r ‘ro+ect.
6e’ll $eet ‘ith yo! in-&erson or by &hone to ens!re ‘e !nderstand yo!r &roect so ‘e can deter$ine the riht &eo&le and s%illsets to et it done”
 Yo*r attendance &or ‘art o& o*r hackathon.
So$eone fro$ yo!r orani(ation sho!ld be available to $eet ‘ith yo!r hac%in tea$ at the start of the hac%athon to share infor$ation abo!t yo!r orani(ation and ans’er 9!estions abo!t yo!r &roect” 6e $ay also need  a fe’ ho!rs of yo!r ti$e d!rin the hac%athon ‘ra&-!& on Sat!rday afternoon”
ave a &roect yo! ‘ant to &ro&ose 6e ‘ant to hear fro$ yo! Send yo!r 9!estions and ideas to :ennifer *arreiro and  Ale) ;and
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