How to Create Great Campaign Films For Your Nonprofit

Steve & Kat from Pull Focus Films delivered one-two knockout combo on great campaign film. Steve facilitated conversation around a variety of campaign films of various cause. Kat then followed with key tips to consider when making your campaign video.

  1. Today’s presenter: Romila Barryman
  2. Photos of us!
  3. Event Video
  4. Net2Van: How I Pushed A Campaign From A Floating Village
  5. Romila’s slides
  6. Tweets from the event

  7. What is storytelling?
  8. Control is necessary for good outcomes
  9. Pre-campaigns: how you work out the bugs BEFORE you launch
  10. Sponsors

  11. It’s NTEN Member Appreciation Month!
  12. TechSoup Global supports the global network of net2Local groups
  13. Our venue sponsor. Hearts!!
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