How to Create Great Campaign Films For Your Nonprofit

Steve & Kat from Pull Focus Films delivered one-two knockout combo on great campaign film. Steve facilitated conversation around a variety of campaign films of various cause. Kat then followed with key tips to consider when making your campaign video.

  1. Our speakers Steve and Kat from Pull Focus Films:
  2. Steve’s leads with a series of jabs on various non-profit videos, and encourage participants to raise their hand when bored with a video. We only made it through two of the videos, can you guess which ones kept the audience attention?
  3. Amnesty International Canada Video
  4. The Dance Centre – Graduate Project
  5. Your Donation at Saint James Music Academy
  6. OLPC Mission, Part 1: Principles and Child Empowerment
  7. One Laptop Per Child in Ethiopia
  8. Kat followed with a swinging hook that landed best practices and take-aways for making campaign videos.
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