NetSquared Camp discussion proposals

NetSquared Camp is next Saturday. Yowzers! There are just 15 tickets left, so if you’re able to come please RSVP now.

The event is going to be an unconference, which means the participants (that’s you!) are in charge of the “programming.” But for those who need the illusion of certainty in life here’s a few discussion proposals from the NetSquared Camp community. There’s no guarantee that all of these sessions will emerge on April 28th – they may merge, morph or otherwise be modified. 🙂

Discussion proposals

The Science of Facebook Pages for NGOs: Darren Barefoot and Theo Lamb

We’ve just completed some research into what actually works in terms of garnering likes, comments and shares on Facebook pages. We analyzed 1000 posts from large environmental NGOs and are keen to report on our findings. Learn who’s doing Facebook well, and what really works to increase engagement.

Video: Amy Severson

Video can be a powerful tool for learning and inspiring. But how do you create, capture, present and talk about it? From what questions you should ask before starting, to the technologies available, what does it mean to the non-profit and to the community?

The Donation Form: talking nuts and bolts: Benjamin Johnson

Who has the best donation form in the biz? What are all the parts of the donation experience and what have emerged as best practices? Are there any themes running throughout the participants in regards to struggles, challenges, tools, etc?

Video Security: Dominic Linder

If anybody else is doing video subscriptions I would love to hear about what they are doing to prevent their videos from being downloaded (more than just having them in a secured login area).

Emotionally Intelligent Fundraising: eliasarjan

How can Emotional Intelligence be activated to improve our abilities to engage donors and generate funds? What are the key elements that lead to successful fundraising campaigns? Why are some people better suited to fundraising and how do we select and motivate them?

We could cover more depending on the time allotted. As for me this is what I teach and do. I’m currently the fundraising consultant and auctioneer for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival and Artstravaganza

Online Engagement: Terry Coatta

Different styles of interaction are needed to engage people online depending on their expectations, needs, and role relative to the organization. The purpose of this session is to explore the different ways that we can engage with people online.

Top five ways to drive traffic to your site: Kris Klaasen

So, you’ve got a great website for your not-for-profit. How do you drive traffic to it so people will donate money, support your causes, sign petitions, attend your events?

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  1. Mrans

    At lunch time, I’d be very interested in hearing what legal questions folks may have: copyright, contracts and changes in charitable giving (political activities and fundraising most notably). 

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